About RagaMuffins


Rivendell Rags Linsha

Muffin Fantasy Cattery

The RagaMuffin is a "rag-type" cat we selectively breed to produce a cute kitten with the loving and docile disposition that some say is the "Teddy Bear" of the cat world. Cat Fancy Magazine describes them as the "Gentle Giants."

Your RagaMuffin kitten will grow to be one of the largest cats with an easy to care for, medium to long, full coat that is mat resistant. It has a soft rabbit-like texture, so wonderful to the touch, that you may find yourself "addicted" to petting and loving your kitty!

The RagaMuffin cat makes an ideal companion for anyone.  They are beautiful, sweet and loving and they go "limp" when handled.  Most of them love to be hugged and cuddled, making great lap cats or bunk mates. The kittens are very much like puppies, following you everywhere, constantly wanting attention.We selectively breed our cats for their loveable, hugable disposition and the beauty of their large size and wonderful coats.

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How Much Do RagaMuffin Cats Cost?